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Read Before You Comment by LeoLeonardo
Noooo! Don't look at my stash!! Noooooooo!

Yes, I know. I need a lot of improvement!!! And yes, I'm still in a learning process! Constructive criticism is always wlecome.


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Can't contain myself for this awesomeness! :iconlaplz: **Warning. Some are so random + may contains penis and vagina. Be warned.


Hall of the Gods (still counting)

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Reference collections

Various of poses
Ongoing list...


Monster, animal etc.


My collection of stock pile + art tips!

Learning Experience #1: 10 Ways To Better Your ArtThis is my first News Article, and why not start out with something that will benefit not only myself, but others as well!  I welcome all types of feedback, though there is no way to go about bettering your art, I am in no way claiming to be a professional, just spreading some tops I think myself and some of you could use as well!  I'm sure most of you have probably done many of these tips already, some might not have!  Overall Enjoy!
10. View Many Tutorials!
I can't stress this option enough, I love going onto many art pieces and profiles of deviantart, and going to see if they have tutorials or not.  A well formed tutorial can be SO beneficial to you.  it can help in so many ways, not only can it help better your art but help create new techniques in combining them with your own.  
9.Browse Others Art   
In the search bar, placing in what art piece pertains to you weather it be, digital art, phot
Trying to Improve?Are you trying to improve?
Looking for new ways to improve?
Just to IMPROVE?
There's one thing that people always repeat(I'm not trying to offend anybody) is that when they watch another artist who's art is very good, they either think, "I won't be able to be that good" and feel like they will never improve.
Sad thing, but true.
Only a few people think about improving to get to the same level as their favorite artist.
BUT! There's always room for improvement! ;D
Well, then. I'm not so sure if this is helpful or not and if you will learn something new or not, but, continue on, please. c:
Ever heard of 'practice makes perfect'? I know some people out there practice until they hands feel dead(not literally) but don't give up! Like I said, there's always room for improvement! c: And it doesn't matter if you waste paper. Paper can always be recycled. If you think you're wasting paper, try finding old envelopes and doodle on them!
Don't give up! EVER! Be strong and
How To Improve Your ArtI was going to call this 'how to become a better artist', but then I realized, there is no such thing as a 'better artist'.  If you are an artist, you are the best artist you can be - your art can always ALWAYS improve, but you are already and always will be the best artist you can be.  Remembering those two facts is the most important thing you can do.
But other than that, find someone to be excited about art with!  They don't have to be an artist themselves, they just have to be able to get excited about art.  Having someone who'll always be around to listen to your ideas, even if they don't contribute anything, is HUGELY helpful to keep you motivated.  I've found that having someone for me to bounce ideas off of, or even just someone to explain my stories to, is my favourite thing in the world and almost always leads to me discovering new things about my stories and characters.
And now for the list of links you all were waiting for!
Guide on How To Receive Feedback &amp; Critique:iconprojectcomment:
This is an editorial written and submitted by namenotrequired on behalf of ProjectComment, a group founded by 3wyl that aims to encourage deviants to seek and provide constructive feedback that can help you to better yourself at your art.
What's in this article
:star: 1. Encouraging people to comment
:star: 2. Getting comments through ProjectComment
:star: 3. Other places to get comments:
:pointr: Groups
:pointr: Forums
:pointr: Chatrooms
:star: 4. More related guides
:star: Encouraging people to comment :star:
:pointr: Make clear in your artist's or author's comments that you're looking for feedback. You can also ask specific questions to potential commenters about it (“Does this character come across as realistic?”, “Please tell me what you think of the composition/colours/...” etc.).
More about using your Artist's/Author's comments effectively can be found in our article
Freebies and Resources!Hi everyone! Everytime I come across anything pertaining to us starving artists that's free, I'll be diligent to share it! It's important to always keep a bank of info to pull ideas from around you and these definitely shall help with that!

Everything listed here is totally free
Free Vectors @ Vecteezy: If you do any kind of logotype work with vectors this site will really come in handy. It's a pretty large database, so there's something for everyone!
Free Fonts @ dafont: I'm always looking for really cool fonts to use in my artwork, and if you are too, they've got a really cool selection at dafont! If you're into typography it should be a really helpful resource!
Free Art Software @ freeartsoftware: OOOOH BABY! It's really tempting to download everything on that site! If you're having a hard time finding the right software to work
Freebies and Resources II...and discountsHey guys! I've found even more great free stuff for art making! Everytime I come across anything pertaining to us starving artists that's free, I'll be diligent to share it! It's important to always keep a bank of info to pull ideas from around you and these definitely shall help with that! Also, I realized that many of the things in the last edition were geared towards digital artists, so I've found some awesome discounts for you traditional artists as well! Hang on to your hats, here comes awesome!  

Everything Listed Here Is Totally Free
Free 2D animation software @ Creatoon: This software was recently made available for free download! If you can't get into flash, this will do the trick!
Free hand-drawn animation software @ Pencil: All of us love the look of traditional animations right? Well with this software you can make them yourself!
Moar Free Art Instruction
:thumb186157255::thumb152477040: The Basics of Comma UsageThis guide is meant to give you, as a writer, a thorough foundation in comma usage. I won't cover every use, but I will go over a majority of them, all of which are worth knowing.
As far as this tutorial's subject matter is concerned, I feel comfortable explaining about ninety percent of what follows. However, I want this to be as accurate as possible, so I've gone to other sources online to back me up (primarily to fill in the gaps of my knowledge in terminology). I've included the links to these sources immediately below as well as in the author's description. I will refer to them throughout the tutorial by their source number (Source 1, Source 2, etc). If you wish to better your grammar even further, I particularly recommend (Sources 2 and 3). Note that all the examples I give in this tutorial were not taken from the sources; they are my own. 
1) ("Conjunctions")
How to create a fan OCWhen creating an OC for a certain universe (Bleach, KHR, Naruto etc.) you have to match your OC to it but also be original. But the problem is: How can I create an original but believable character for this universe?
The first question I ask myself is „Why do I create an OC? „
This is a very important question indeed. It can help me to start off when creating.
Should the OC belong only to the universe or to a certain group too? Do I create it for roleplaying or writing fan fictions?
Aspect one is the „aim“!
When I answered the first question I go on wondering what I can do.
If I want an OC for roleplaying but can't roleplay male or am not interested in trying anyway then why should I create a male OC?
Aspect two is „function“!
Now the real thing starts. Get your favorite episode/chapter and go! Learn all the information about the universe given. Yeah, I know. You'll say: „Why? I know everything about it!“
Sure, but y
Creating a balanced characterWhat is a well balanced character?
A well balanced charater is one you would believe is really existing. Creating a character like this may seem not easy at all and sometimes even impossible but it is all about relating information about your character, a bit knowledge of human nature and psychology with each other.
If you manage to master this combination, you will be able to create characters that can come to life on their own.
Sounds good  but pretty complex, right? Let me show you.
First of all: A character should always be the result of many factors being combined as I mentioned above.
-> Never say the creation progress is done when you miss out e.g. on important events in their backstory or did not mention their family/parents!
You can start out with different aspects and then build up the remaining parts very often but to keep some structure let's start with your characters backstory.
What happens to you in your life forms your personality and character.
Ever seen one of thos
Character design: ClothingWhen creating an OC the personality and backstory are the most important aspects. But how will s/he be recognized if her/his hair, face and whole body looks just like an other one's OC?
The answer is simply: her/his clothing! Most people choose their clothing on their own. And not everybody buys the same shirt or shoes.
The choice of clothing is the best way to get recognized because a lot of matters are involved when you choose your new shirt. You consider age, attitude, gender, environment, hobbies, personality and profession (even when you're unemployed).
But let me show you step by step:
This aspect is quite simple:
A baby or toddler will just wear clothes like romper suits and so on. But remember that the one responable for their clothing may also consider the kid's so far shown personality and all the other things I'm going to talk about later.
When the kid gets older, it's a bit different. Parents or people in charge will still be the one buyin
The Necessity of Flaws in CharacterizationOkay. Close your eyes (well, maybe just one) and imagine your favorite fictional character. Are they strong? Compassionate and giving? Witty and clever? Wise and intelligent? No matter the make-up of their awesomeness, they probably bring a smile to your face and that warm, fuzzy feeling to your insides. You probably remember vividly their adventures and hijinks, their clever retorts, or how amazing they were at figuring out some wild and crazy puzzle. They probably inspired your own writing. You probably wanted to recreate that smile and fuzzy feeling with your own readers, so you made your version of the character (or took some of their traits) and integrated them into your prose.
This is all fine and dandy, especially considering there's nothing new under the sun, but there's a good chance you missed out on something really important. Let me explain.
It's great to have a badass character who kicks ass and takes name. But what makes them so badass? Is it that they can lift a Hummer w
The Chronology of StorytellingImagine you're reading to a live audience. It can be as big or small as you'd like. It can be your writing or someone else's. It doesn't matter. Indulge yourself in the fantasy. So you're reading to a live audience. They're enraptured. They're engrossed. They're generating a movie in their heads as you weave your tale. Imagine how important every word you produce is to these movies. Every detail you provide adds another layer. They smell the flowers. They feel the roughness of the brick. They see the vivid colors of the clothes.
And then you require they perform time travel to make the movies accurate.
Wait. What?
The chronology, or order of events, in a story is something I've been focusing on a lot in my writing lately. I'm not just talking about the overall chronology. There's obviously a beginning, middle, and end to a story. You progress from one event to the next. Things happen in chronological order. That's how, y'know, stories make sense. That's also
The Chronology of StorytellingImagine you're reading to a live audience. It can be as big or small as you'd like. It can be your writing or someone else's. It doesn't matter. Indulge yourself in the fantasy. So you're reading to a live audience. They're enraptured. They're engrossed. They're generating a movie in their heads as you weave your tale. Imagine how important every word you produce is to these movies. Every detail you provide adds another layer. They smell the flowers. They feel the roughness of the brick. They see the vivid colors of the clothes.
And then you require they perform time travel to make the movies accurate.
Wait. What?
The chronology, or order of events, in a story is something I've been focusing on a lot in my writing lately. I'm not just talking about the overall chronology. There's obviously a beginning, middle, and end to a story. You progress from one event to the next. Things happen in chronological order. That's how, y'know, stories make sense. That's also
OC Biography sheetBeginnings
What role does this character play?(Storybased):
What inspired you to create this character?:
What does this character represent to you, if anything?:
What goals do you have for this character?:
Full Name:
Pronunciation of their name(first, middle name(s) and last):
Meaning of their full name:
Why did their parents name them this?:
If not parents, what decided their name?:
Why did you, their creator name them this?:
Do they enjoy these/this nickname(s)?:
History behind nickname(s):
Before going on with this sheet, take a moment to briefly describe this character as a whole, a character snapshot:
Gender identity:
Realm/Universe(Real world, an anime verse, etc.):
Share about this realm(What's considered normal/average/within sanity for this realm/verse):
How old they appear:
Mental age:
Orientation/Sexual preference:
Any history behind their sex
Blank Character Profile - Huge CREATION
Character's Full Real Name:   
Other Names:   
Age (Lived Years):   
Original or Fan Character:   
Profile Creation Date:   
Profile Picture:   
Blood Father:   
Blood Mother:   
Physical Age:   
Genotypical Gender:   
Physical Gender:   
Hair Colour(s):   
Hair Texture:   
Hair Length / Cut:   
Eye Lashes:   
Body Hair:   
Body Hair Colour(s):   
Skin Tone(s):   
Iris Colour(s):   
Pupil Colour(s):   
Sclera Colour(s):   
Eye Shape:   
Blank Character Profile SheetCharacter Profile
General Data
Birth Name:
Known Alias:
Current Status:
Current Residence:
Spoken Languages:
Physical Data
Physical Age:
Physical Attractiveness:
Hair Color:
Eyes Color:
Physical Strength:
Non-Natural Abilities:
Distinguishing Features:
Known Illnesses or Conditions:
Known Augmentations:
Extra Anatomy:
Intelligence Level:
Mental Condition:
Emotional Condition:
Emotional State:
General Outlook:
Sexual Orientation:
Mental Peculiarities:
Known Fears:
Known Superstitions:
Known Addictions:
Ambition Level:
Biographical Data
Date of Birth:
Place of Birth:
Birth Father:
Birth Mother:
Birth Order:
Known Immediate Family:
Marital Status:
Social Standing:
Known Titles:
Current Employer:
Occupational Title:
Years of Service:
Political Affiliation:
Permenant Residence:
Educational Level:
Known Langu
OC Profile helperBASIC INFO
Blood Type:
Special Abilities:
The element that your abilities harness:
Where you live:
Your best means of transportation:
Favorite Food:
Favorite Music:
Your style:
Relationship status:
Knight or Damsel?:
Greatest Love:
Love or Money:
Dream Girl/Guy:
TV?(If yes, what do you watch?):
Most Prized Possessions:
Biggest Dislike:
Favorite Shape(?):
Place to be:
Subject in School:
Worst way to die:
Best way to die:
One wish:
One thing to change in the past?:
Day or night:
Weapon of Choice:
Worst Enemy:
Travel where:
Goal in life:
Pet Peeve:
What’s in your room?:
First thing you notice about people?:
First thing they notice about you?:
Favorite Shiny Th

Reference from somewhere else!

Figure & Gesture Drawing:
Character designs:

Ref. from Tumblr

Little Art Reference Things:
Figure/Portrait references:
References for Artists:…
Art References for You:
FuckYeah Art Tips:
Lazy References:
Anatomical Reference For Artists:
Art References:
Photobooth Reference:…

So, did you guys miss me? >XD............. Jezuz, haven't posted anything since goddamn May! Whattttt??! Been having a long day off... 

7 deviants said Omg, flying spaghetti monster! You're back!! I miss you so much!!! Now, where the fuck is the new drawings??? (Me:.... Uh, it's in Photoshop at the mo)
1 deviant said Wait, what?? Did you go away for awhile?? I didn't even notice (or didn't pay much attention)!! Welcome back though ;D

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Pygmyink's Profile Picture
has many names...
Artist | Student | Varied
>>The artist<<
+ I'm older than I look.
+ Asian, hauling somewhere from the South East Asia contient.
+ Aug 4th - " in the year of the bacon"
+ Film fanatic.
+ Is a dog person, love dogs so much.
+ Loves Thai iced tea
+ I enjoy learning new things in artsy - hence the "student", although my student year is over for me but I can never stop learning and studying!

>>Point of interest<< My original characters, aliens/extraterrestrial life forms, paranormal stuff, monsters, demons, creepy, dark and scary!

>>Influence & inspiration << Realism, life and other bullshit that's out there, oh and artists on DA as well outside the DA realm.

>>Favorite/Inspirational artists outside DA<< Tony Moore, Kenneth Rocafort, Juanjo Guarnido, Mikael Noguchi, Keith Thompson, Alessandro Barbucci, Katsura, Masakazu, Tetsuya Nomura, Kazue Katō, Jill Thompson, Tim Burton, Ted Naifeh, Yang Young-Soon, Hyung Min-woo, Ralph Bakshi, Scott J. Campbell, Ben Templesmith, Mike Mignola, Ale Garza, Alphonse Mucha, Norman Rockwell, Andrew Loomis, Arthur Rackham, Stan Winston, Leonardo da Vinci...

>>Specialist in (artsy wise/love to draw)<< Original work, monsters, demons/devils, reptiles, birds, fanart, weird creatures, creepy shit, mythology, paranormal, dark and gloomy...etc. etc. etc.

>>Tools of Trade<< Potatoshop CS6, Wacom intuos3, Faber-Castell Ball Pen 1423 0.5mm (black), BIC ballpoint pens, Staedtler Mars Lumograph, sold my soul to the Devil...

:thumb367310982:Norwegian Language Level-Expert by animefan046BT EN Language Level stamp4 by Faeth-designUSA Language Level stamp4 by Faeth-design

>>The definition of me & my opinions<<rainbowsheep2 by RainbowSheep2
Alien Stamp by arkayaOlder - Krissi001-Stamps by stamps-clubDay Dreamer Stamp by Sora05Bender Stamp by foreverwhiteknighteat flesh stamp by thechaosprojectQ_Q Stamp by TheEmptyCanvas:iconyouhavefailedplz::iconbasedonatruestory1::iconbasedonatruestory2::iconepicfail1plz::iconepicfail2plz::iconepicfailatlifeplz::iconialmostwinplz:Too many things -stamp- by ShantellaFAIL as a girl stamp 2 by JiiHakuTim Burton Stamp by thatfire-stockShut Up You're Not Japanese by sambeesThink before you type stamp by andariaStamp: I'm not weird by Roxy317Open your Mind Stamp by quazoFRIENDS STAMP by emo-city.: Read the comments :. Stamp by Beti-KotRead Before You Comment by LeoLeonardoStamp by Kataang-furubaHentai Stamp by PockyPerson32I'm a hentai stamp. by RadioactivePopTartHate-Don't Hate Stamp by ErohielStamp down animated by ShayochismFriends by KiagouTombSTFU About Twilight Plzkthx by MaruLovesStampsLove Vampires Hate Twilight by jocund-slumber:thumb109771396:ANTI TWILIGHT STAMP by mewmewmewichigoI HATE TWILIGHT stamp by TaiChi100Twilight must die. by Little-Shad0w

:thumb114486603:Storm Stamp by soulshelterXD Stamp by MimiMarieTFree Hugs 2 Stamp by SpannedSoulProud to be Thai Stamp by Crystal-ArtistThailand Flag by cinnosulaThai Stamp by Meredies:thumb111191380:Buddhist Stamp by Mianguine:: Deviant Thai :: by adamyKung Fu Panda - Po Stamp 11 by squishy-pawsPo: Playing With Fire by eRiotKung Fu Panda - Po Stamp 9 by squishy-pawsOpinion stamp by xAshleyMxDA Stamp - Inspiration 01 by tppgraphicsOriginality Stamp by lynseylewDA Stamp - Think 03 by tppgraphicsI Love Cryptozoology by genkistampsExtinction Stamp by Kezzi-RoseDark and Cute Stamp by bezzalairAnti Hero Fan by oceanographergrlI am a geek by Pegasi1978GEEK -stamp- by ShantellaGeek Pride by hollsStamp - Love Halloween by firstfearSupport Halloween stamp by DeviantSithHappy Halloween Stamp by kuro-stampsStamp - I Love Fruit by lycanthropefulcoca cola stamp by GoPurifyYourselfCoca Cola Stamp by pillze69Coca-Cola Stamp by Toasty-CoconutFanta--It's Love by Jingle-the-HamsterI love Ice Tea by HimbeerfalterNorwegian ice tea stamp by Wrolinstamp1 by candymax-stockSarcasm Stamp by Alpha-WolffWhy I boycotted fandoms. by lostforeveragainI Love Villains Stamp by Drknz1300Villains 3 by PsychopathicStockCrush on Villains by renatalmarChinese Zodiac - Pig by Sharkfoldrice stamp by yillimy first stamp asian food by Joey-artI love black stamp by violetsteelUniform-Fetish by MatzelineUniform Fetish by coffinberryBoot Stamp by RPDOfficerI love black clothes by vero-g6-stampsNO SMOKE STAMP by schtolzWorld Domination by sererenaSTFU Stamp by urnightmareWhy? stamp by aftersunsetsEnglish American Stamp by RJDaaeStamp: English by Silver-ChocolateStamp - ENGLISH, MOFO by senshuuFAIL As A Girl Stamp by JiiHakuI Believe - Alien Stamp by SinMisericordia21Request - I Believe in Aliens by Haters-Gonna-Hate-MeCryptids stamp by ZakenoI Believe In the Paranormal by BloodRedVampressSkulls Stamp by ShadyufoRed and Black love stamp by izka197I love Stripes - Stamp by Demon1xoSketchbook stamp by Da-Wabbitfirefox by urbanAR7Autumn Stamp by mcericTyping Stamp by In-The-MachineLove for piercing stamp by arsenicaWikiStamp by ValrosAlways hungry... by prosaixrespect by phydeau:thumb154212542:Animals are Cuter Stamp by GirlKirby:thumb202618724:I hate babies by BitchPantsMcCrabbyMAH CHILD IZ SPESHUL by Its-An-InfernoNo Babies by anastasia-black:thumb255574495:No Kids Allowed by Its-An-InfernoNo, I DON'T Love Your Kids by CatopumaBadiaBirth is Not a Miracle by alaska-is-a-huskyAnti-Pregnancy Stamp by MoonLoverYOU ALL NEED BAYBEES by Necromancer-StaffVoluntary Sterilization by alaska-is-a-huskyNothing Wrong With It by Foedus-StampsReligion Stamp by Elegant-Rose:thumb181640687:Beliefs Stamp by AnnaethGreenleafGoggle Love by guardian-GARMStamp: Education by AibouAiFreaking Airport Stamp by chibi22MARVEL Stamp by TwilightProwlerWhen I Die by stamps-of-yorePicard PLZ by Warp-SpeedGrammar Nazi Stamp by Inuyasha907The REAL Megatron by AleximusPrimeStamp: Fear Clinic by tranimation-artStamp: Anxiety Sucks. by 8manderz8Social Anxiety Disorder by KaleidoKittlesAll the Good Men Stamp by NeyjourThe truth about guys by SenziA Valentines Special by Senzi:thumb141810474:I Love Aliens Stamp by NatashaDSavilleFilm Score Stamp by rushpointPredator lover by AvalanchaTwo Steps From Hell Stamp by MondaysRaptorTwo Steps From Hell stamp by ChrysalisloverEpic Music supporter by Chrysalisloverdomo kun stamp by kuribohspiritnight not evil stamp by OmegaDreamSeeker11Support Albert Wesker - STAMP by Resident-evil-STARSUmbrella corp. III RE stamp by DeviantSithUmbrella RE stamp by DeviantSith+STAMP+ Don't Like Don't Look? by aerendyllIn Support of Fans by Kamden:thumb286447119:Sarcasm by ElDynamiteKeep quiet by twilirito94I Love The Rain by WearwolfaaStorm Stamp by soulshelterI Love Nature 2 by WearwolfaaI Love Dragons Stamp by GaretiemGroucho Marx Quotes 1 by Claire-stamps
F'ing Fangirls by VrRyoko

>>The eccentric side & OCs<<
STAMP- My OC by FukaiOC stamp by onnanokoMIXOC's are the best by birdewilliamsi'm in love with someone.. by discoraveOC Pairings - Stamp by AstanineAll the Good Men Stamp by NeyjourI love fictional Boys by xXAli-StarXxCharacter Stamp by ArpieOC's Are My Babies by Foxxie-ChanMusic helps me create OCs... by Riona-la-crevetteMy OC's -stamp- by shorty-antics-27Reality is boring by ShimairaFantasy+RealLife Stamp by Monkey-Girl146characters stamp by KrisiChikiFantasy is my Reality stamp by purgatoriThere is no spoon by cfryant

I Dare You to Fave This Stamp by MasterGalladeStamp - The Slender Man by deaddoll00Normal People Scare Me Stamp by trinitylastStamp. by Trynniefictional character love by soulshinigami:thumb174640283:my own little world x3 by digiNinALittle world... :: Stamp by Saphitri
((Stamp under construction))

For an odd reason, DA is giving me herpes when it comes to stamp. Seems all I can see is just the "thumb" code but not the actual image of the stamp. WTF?! D8<

((Stamp under construction))

((Stamp under construction))

TV-series & Cartoon
family guy stamp by GoPurifyYourselfThe Simpsons by CavinFuturama Stamp by artFETISHStamp: Avatar Fan by avatar-fanAvatar Stamp by CallistoHime ((Stamp under construction))

Guardians of the Galaxy stamp by biostingsThe Avengers Stamp by TwilightProwlerThor Stamp by TwilightProwlerMARVEL Captain America Stamp by TwilightProwlerMARVEL Iron Man Flying Stamp by TwilightProwlerRotG - Logo Stamp by FairyQueen23Blade Runner Stamp 1 by dA--bogeyman
Kung Fu Panda Stamp by tu-tu-paKung Fu Panda 2 Stamp by Chidori1334ALIEN Movie Title Stamp by DrMackFoxx
Scar Stamp by NeyjourPredator STAMP by RaphaelaTheTurtelLord of the rings stamp by vero-g6-stampsThe Hobbit - An unexpected Journey by IngwellRitter
((Stamp under construction))

((Stamp under construction))


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